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Who We Are & Who You Are

Who are you?

You are someone that is running a social impact and/or a social tech venture or collaborating on a platform or Lab for systemic change. You may have come out of one of the many programmes operating in this space: Nominet Trust, Nesta, the Design Council, Technology Strategy Board, Solve, Bethnal Green Ventures, UnLtd/Wayra or be part of one of the many networks like Impact Hub, Founders Forum For Good, Sandbox network. Or you may have set up completely independently.

What you have in common is that over the long term, your business is looking to create social, economic and public value.

Who we are?

We are just a group of people who care about how this area of work grows in its visibility and hope that the whole community can benefit fom bringing together its collective value. We would like to help bring more investment in to the space, more public awareness and engagement, and ensure that the messiness isn’t brushed over or the possibilities overlooked.

What will happen to the data?

The data will be anonymous. We haven’t asked for any details at this stage. The data will be released as an open data file each month for others to use/access.

This is not a commercial endeavour and in the first instance is an experiment to see whether the data we collect offers any valuable insight. We will post data findings up on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the quantity of data we have.