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Why We Are Doing This

Trying to deliver new kinds of social outcomes, whether through social impact ventures, labs for systems change or social/civic technology platforms, is all fairly new. It’s hard making them work. It’s hard market-making. It’s really hard when things are still so new to really know what kind of a difference these approaches are having. It’s even harder sometimes to help others who are new to the sectors know where to start or how things are done.Things in the social impact and social tech world are more messy than anywhere else because trying to deliver social outcomes is complex.

But we believe people doing this work are leading the way. It’s important to be able to learn together and try to build new knowledge together . We are doing this so we can help tell the stories of the organisations and people trying to do this stuff.

We want to keep it simple.We want to experiment to see if the data can be useful for people.We want to visualise it and share it openly.We hope it will connect dots, build a collective voice and create collective evidence.